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GEM Registration

GEM Registration (Government e-marketplace) is required for all government buyers and sellers, as well as government departments and ministries, before they are allowed to purchase products and services from the government e-marketplace (GEM).

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​Introduction to GEM Registration

The Commerce and Industry Minister launched the government e-marketplace (GEM Registration) on August 9, 2016, in accordance with the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961. Under the Make in India initiative, the Government of India (GOI) has mandated that all of its departments purchase goods and services through its online marketplace. This platform was established by the Indian government for acquiring stores. On the Government E-marketplace (GEM) portal, one can both buy and sell goods to government departments.

Government offices are required to purchase equities from this GEM portal. Only those who have earned GEM Registration are eligible to sell or buy on the GEM Portal. GEM Registrations are of two types: one for buyers and one for sellers.

It is a completely digital, cashless, technology-driven e-market that makes it possible to purchase everyday goods and services with the least possible user interaction.

It has several features, including:

  (1) It is safe and secure.
  (2) It enhances efficiency.
  (3) It increases transparency.
  (4) It may help to boost Make in India.
  (5) Government savings.

​Government E-Marketplace (GEM)

Government E-Marketplace, or GEM, is an e-commerce portal operated by the Government of India. It is an online marketplace that connects suppliers and government customers, making it easier for departments of government and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) to acquire the goods and services they required.

​Advantages of GEM Registration

 The following are the advantages of registering at the GEM Portal:


  Buyer Advantages:

  • (1) List of items with offers for specific categories of goods or services.

  • (2) There are multiple functions available, such as search, compare, select, and buy.

  • (3) Allows for purchasing online as and when needed.

  • (4) Transparency and convenient when buying.

  • (5) It ensures an ongoing vendor rating system.

  • (6) An advanced, easy to operate interface for observing supplies, purchasing, and making payments.

  • (7) Provisions for a simple return policy.

  Seller Advantages:

  • (1) All government departments are easily accessible.

  • (2) A one-stop shop for marketing that requires relatively little effort.

  • (3) Sellers have access to a new product suggestion service.

  • (4) Dynamic pricing i.e., depending on market circumstances, prices can change.

  • (5) An easy-to-use dashboard for seller for tracking sales, purchases, and payments.

​Documents for GEM Registration

The following documents are required for GEM Registration:

  • (1) Name of Company/Department
  • (2) Type of Company/Department
  • (3) Aadhar and PAN Number of Authorized Person
  • (4) GST Certification
  • (5) Email ID and Mobile Number
  • (6) Details of Bank Account
  • (7) Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last 3 years
  • (8) MSME Certificate
  • (9) Also if required, additional papers like photographs, a list of the products, etc.

​How can I Standards Solutions help you in obtaining the GEM Certificate?

I Standards Solutions aims to provide professional GEM certification services. We will cooperate with you to make sure that your items comply with all essential criteria because we recognize how important it is to do so. Our experts have years of expertise and experience in evaluating items and making sure they conform to the requirements necessary for certification.


What does RA indicate in the GEM Portal ?
Running accounts, also known as RAs, are generally used in contractual invoicing where work is completed in stages.
What are the advantage of a GEM registration ?
You can benefit from government support for wise trade and commerce by doing things like purchasing, keeping track of supplies, and making payments. It provides a modern, user-friendly dashboard. Also, a return policy makes purchasing and selling easier and more transparent.