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Organic Certification to Start an Organic Food Business

In order to ensure quality and prevent fraud, the Organic Certification process is the certification for companies that make organic food and other plant-based products. Get in touch with I Standards Solutions to finish the Organic Certification process without any trouble.

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​Overview of the Organic Certification

Natural methods such as manure, sunlight, and without the use of synthetic fertilizer and chemical fertilizers are used to grow organic foods and supplements. Organic farming has become more popular recently, and consumers are increasingly choosing organic goods. Farmers are starting to adjust to the new conditions by using chemical-free materials for growing their produce. In addition, the cost of manufacture is much lower. India is currently developing into a major market for organic food items.

A complete knowledge of these organic products as well as their current trends is required if you wish to establish an organic food business. The organic industry is regulated by Section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). If you own a business, you must register, certify, and label your products and services.

​License and Permit

These food businesses must have a food license that is valid for five years.

1) When the turnover is less than Rs 12 lakh, a FoSCos FSSAI Registration license is granted.

2) When the turnover exceeds Rs. 12 lakhs, the state license is granted.

3) FSSAI Central license is issued when the turnover is above Rs 20 crores.

To operate an organic business, organizations should seek a state government license. An employee identification number (EIN) must be filed by the owner.

​Labelling and Organic Food Business

The FSSAI has made the license compulsory. If the company is granted the license, all of its products must display an India Organic Certificate. The FSSAI ought to provide the organization with a free logo. The following information must be included on the label according to the Food Safety and Standards (packaging and labeling) Regulations of 2011.


1) Name of the food, the ingredients, and its information regarding nutritional.

2) Any food additives, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian

3) Complete information about the manufacturer or packer

4) A net amount

5) Details like lot number, code number, and batch number

6) Production date

7) Date of usage and expiration

​Legal Documents Required to Start Organic Food Business

The following documents are required for organic Registration:

  • (1) PAN card

  • (2) Aadhar card

  • (3) Voter ID

  • (4) Driving license

  • (5) Ration card

  • (6) Business agreement

  • (7) Memorandum of association

  • (8) Articles of association

  • (9) NOC (No objection certificate)

  • (10) Bank statement

​Growth in the Market

According to experts, the online food sector will rise by 25% over the next three years. The rise of the organic agricultural industry, the development of new goods, the study of genetically modified crops, and government assistance have all been crucial to maintaining and accomplishing this growth. These tendencies will only increase rapidly as more people learn about the benefits of organic products. Therefore, the government is doing everything to encourage businesses to seize and utilize these chances for development and innovation.


What are the benefit's of organic farming ?
  1. Environment-friendly way of farming.

  2. Protect water, air, and soil from chemical pollution.

  3. Maintain ecological balance.

  4. Use natural ways to increase agricultural production.

  5. Best opportunity for farmers to become self-sufficient.

  6. Minimum investment is required.

Is organic certification mandatory in India ?
Organic Food Business Operators who are involved in the processing, distribution, transport, storage, retail and imports of all organic products need to be certified under FSSAI.
Who issues organic certificates for Organic Food Business ?
The Organic Food must be certified by approved certification bodies in the case of NPOP and Local Group in the case of PGS-India.